Basic Beasts

Basic Beasts

Basic Beasts is a Pokémon-inspired collectibles game made by a 10-year old and his brother. Players/Beast hunters can collect, evolve, breed, and trade beasts.

Collect Beasts

Collect beasts by doing any of the following
  • Buy packs at during NFT drops
    1. 1.
      Each drop happens once a month
    2. 2.
      Drop is open for 72 hours
    3. 3.
      A pack contains one random 1-star beast and some special items
  • Earn beasts from our discord invite campaign
  • Buy beasts from the secondary marketplace (not available yet)
    1. 1.
      Become the first owner of a beast
    2. 2.
      First owners receive 5% royalties for every trade of the beasts
  • Breed beasts from a sire and a matron (not available yet)
Go to Supply of Beasts to see the rarity and scarcity of each beast.

Evolve Beasts

Each beast has a star level. 1 is the lowest and 3 is the highest.
2-star beasts are evolved from fusing three of the same 1-star beasts
3-star beasts are evolved from fusing three of the same 2-star beasts


All beast hunters have a Dexicon (just like a Pokédex). There are 151 unique beasts. Beast hunters can complete their Dexicons by collecting all #1-#150 beasts. By completing the Dexicon, a beast hunter can claim the #151 legendary beast.


Why was Basic Beasts created?

Or just watch this 32-second sum-up
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