Basic Beasts


Dates are subject to change. May be earlier or may be later.

Launch Basic Beasts (Oct 2021 -Feb 2022) ✅

  1. 1.
    Smart contracts written and sent for deployment on Flow Mainnet
  2. 2.
    Initial game design completed, and art & dev started
  3. 3.
    Genesis drop successfully launched
  4. 4.
    2nd wave drop successfully launched. Shiny Gold packs sold out
  5. 5.
    Mercury Hackathon won - Fastest MVP from idea to execution.

Non-custodial (2022)

  • Freedom to do as you please with your beast - sell, trade, give away, destroy, or hodl.
  • View the serial number and gender of your beast
  • Nickname your beast
  • View your beasts from your Blocto App or any other website that reads from the smart contract

Leaderboard & Profile Pages (2022) ✅

Nothing is more fun than to flex what you own

Evolution (2022) ✅

  • One 2-star evolved from fusing three of the same 1-star beasts
  • One 3-star evolved from fusing three of the same 2-star beasts

Secondary Marketplace (2022)

Buy and sell beasts. 5% royalty fees go to the first owners of the beasts. Another 5% goes to Marketplace.

Breeding (2022)

❗Notice: Although, any beast regardless of skin (normal, metallic silver, shiny gold, etc.) can be used for breeding. Only normal skin can be born from breeding. All other skins are forever scarce.
  • Breed your beasts to get beast eggs
  • Hatch the egg and become the first owner of the beast

Basic Token (2022)

Avatar (2022)

DAO (2022)