Basic Beasts
Dates are subject to change. May be earlier or may be later.

Launch Basic Beasts (Oct 2021 -Feb 2022)

  1. 1.
    Smart contracts written and sent for deployment on Flow Mainnet ✅
  2. 2.
    Initial game design completed, and art & dev started ✅
  3. 3.
    Genesis drop successfully launched ✅
  4. 4.
    2nd wave drop successfully launched. Shiny Gold packs sold out ✅

Non-custodial (2022)

  • Freedom to do as you please with your beast - sell, trade, give away, destroy, or hodl.
  • View the serial number and gender of your beast
  • Nickname your beast
  • View your beasts from your Blocto App or any other website that reads from the smart contract

Leaderboard & Profile Pages (2022)

Nothing is more fun than to flex what you own

Evolution (2022)

  • One 2-star evolved from fusing three of the same 1-star beasts
  • One 3-star evolved from fusing three of the same 2-star beasts
When evolving, the three lower star-level beasts that have been used get fused together, and a new higher star-level beast gets minted.
The beast hunter who evolved the beast becomes its 'First Owner' and will receive royalties of all future sales of the new evolved beast.
Only beasts of the same skin type (normal, cursed black, shiny gold, etc.) can fuse together and evolve into a higher star-level beast of that specific skin type

Secondary Marketplace (2022)

Buy and sell beasts. 5% royalty fees go to the first owners of the beasts. Another 5% goes to Marketplace.

Breeding (2022)

❗Notice: Although, any beast regardless of skin (normal, metallic silver, shiny gold, etc.) can be used for breeding. Only normal skin can be born from breeding. All other skins are forever scarce.
  • Breed your beasts to get beast eggs
  • Hatch the egg and become the first owner of the beast
  • Offer your male beast as a sire to breed for a fee

Basic Token (2022)

  • Distributed to the community based on each beast hunter's dex score
  • Token needed to make Love Potions
  • Staking
  • Will become an integral part of the secondary marketplace

Beast-for-Beast Trading (2022)

Secondary Marketplace will support trading a beast for another beast

Avatar (2022)

Exclusive for Beast Hunters

DAO (2022)

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