Basic Beasts

Supply of Beasts

Maximum Supply of Gen 1 Packs

Each pack contains one random 1-star beast and some items.
Each pack has a ≈0.089% chance of containing a 1 out of 1 Mythic Diamond Beast
Max number of Starter packs: 45,000*
Max number of Cursed Black packs: 9,000*
Max number of Shiny Gold packs: 2,250*
*5,000 starter, 1,000 cursed black, and 250 shiny gold packs are allocated for promotions, rewards, and scholarships to the community.

Star Level

The star level or evolution level goes from 1 to 3. Where 1 is the lowest.
To get one single 3-star beast you would need nine of the same 1-star beast to evolve them into three 2-star beasts and then evolve the three 2-stars into one 3-star.
50 unique 1-star, 50 unique 2-star, 50 unique 3-star, and 1 legendary beast exist.


Skins are purely aesthetics but give you really cool bragging rights.

Normal skin

1,000 normal skin for each unique 1-star beast will exist from packs. Normal skins are the only ones that can be born from breeding.

Cursed Black skin

200 cursed black for each unique 1-star beast will exist from packs and cannot be born from breeding.

Shiny Gold skin

50 shiny gold for each unique 1-star beast will exist from packs and cannot be born from breeding.

Mythic Diamond skin

  • 1 out of 1 for each unique beast will ever exist.
  • 1-star Mythic Diamond skins are only acquirable from packs that can be bought. So the allocated pack supply to the community will not contain any mythic diamond.
  • 2 and 3-star Mythic Diamond skins are achievable from evolving beasts.

Metallic Silver skin

Minted based on the number of beast hunters who unlock them.
Metallic Silver Skins can only be acquired through our invite referral program on Discord so no one can buy them from packs nor receive them as community gifts.
Metallic Silver Skins for Gen 1 will be retired when all Generation 1 packs have been sold. This means our smart contract will no longer be able to mint more of them. Making the skins super scarce forever!

Will there be a generation 2?

Maybe. It is too early to say right now. But one thing is certain. The Basic Beast smart contract is based on NBA Topshot's NFT contract, so the smart contract ensures that all special skins such as Metallic Silver, Cursed Black, Shiny Gold, Mythic Diamond will stay forever scarce.
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